Azure Resource Management Wizardry Workshop


This workshop is part of NDC Oslo 2017.

The infrastructure of your application is typically made up of many components. Maybe you need a virtual machine, storage account, and virtual network? Or perhaps a web app, database, and some additional 3rd party services?

The main Cloud argument is that you no longer need to maintain any resources since all the services you need are hosted in the Platform for you to simply reach out and utilize. Your new challenge instead becomes how to handle your environments of services in the Cloud! How do you manage your production, development and test environments? With Azure Resource Management, you can deploy, monitor and manage your assets in the Cloud in a powerful, secure and easily repetitive manner. There is some new skill to be acquired if you want to do this really well and be in full control of 'Your Azure'; your applications in the Cloud and your users data! Don't go the naïve and amazingly common path which is shrugging and hoping for the best! Correct, easy and powerful Azure management is probably the most useful, cost saving and elegant skill you will learn in a while! All those who will be deploying, running, maintaining and developing vital applications on the Azure Platform should attend. You will learn to automate and remove repetitive and error prone work! After this course you will be confident in managing your assets in Azure and you will feel secure in knowing that you control access to your resources in the Cloud!


  • Azure Resource Management and Azure positioning in the Cloud era.
  • Tooling, Scripting and infrastructure as Code.
  • Template Parameters, Variables and Functions to handle your environments in the Cloud.
  • Hands on Authoring Templates and other exercises

The course is a set of presentations each followed by attendee hands on with each topic. There are pre-made exercises weaved into the whole course.

Computer setup:

You will need a laptop with the following software installed:

  • Windows
  • Visual Studio Community edition with Azure Tools.
  • Visual Studio Code.

Better together:
This is the first half of a two-day course where the second part is Azure Resource Access Wizardry.


09:00 - 17:00