Introduction to .NET Core Workshop

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This workshop is part of NDC Mini Copehagen 22-24 February 2017. Please order a 2-day Workshop Pass or an All Access Pass to attend.

Learn how and why .NET Core has been rebuilt from the ground up to be the best web development platform for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Get an introduction to the major advancements and an overview of what's changed and what's stayed the same.


An overview of the interesting new things you can do with .NET Core and ASP.NET Core. We'll setup a project, add some dependencies, and flip over to our Mac

Visual Studio Tooling

One of the goals in building Visual Studio support from the ground up is to ensure that it works well in scenarios where other tools are being used. Focus on some of the new features in the Visual Studio experience for ASP.NET Core developers. Learn about new front-end tooling support for popular tools like npm, Bower, Grunt and Gulp.

Data Access Strategies

Entity Framework now works with .NET Core (using EFCore) but there are other choices as well, such as Simple.Data and OrmLite (among others). In this session we'll have a look at setting up these three options for data access.

Dependency Injection and Unit Testing

In this session, we'll dig into ways you can write .NET Core applications using Dependency Injection to write testable applications and good unit tests. In addition we'll setup XUnit and organize our code properly.

Advanced Views and Tag Helpers

There are some big updates to Razor, including a new Tag Helpers feature that lets you call helpers without leaving HTML syntax. We'll learn how to use the feature effectively, and how you can use custom Tag Helpers in your views.

Automating Builds (Front end and Back End) Using Make

There are many choices for building front-end assets (JavaScript and CSS), including Gulp and Grunt. Now, however, you can leverage the power of Make to do both things: build your front end assets as well as your backend code.

Development Strategies for Working On The Mac and Linux

.NET Core runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. In this session we'll focus on the Mac and Linux as we walk through setting up VS Code and Vim. We'll customize our command line to use global and project level shell scripts, and we'll move away from visual tooling as we automate unit testing with file watcher utilities.

Setting Up and Deploying To nginx

We've built our site, now we need to be sure it runs on our target development server. In this session we'll create a Linux-based web server that we can push our project to.

Conclusion and Next Steps

In this final session, we'll sum up what we've learned, dig into some sample projects, point out some more advanced features, and show you where you can find out more about ASP.NET Core.

Requirements/Computer Setup

You need a laptop with the following installed:


  • Windows 7 or 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 (any edition) or Visual Studio Code w/ C# extension.
  • .NET Core 1.0.0 SDK VS2015 Tools Preview (
  • Git 2.8.x
  • Node.js v4.x or v6.x



  • CentOS 7.1, Debian 8.2, Ubuntu 14.04, or RHEL 7.2
  • Visual Studio Code or your favorite editor + OmniSharp
  • .NET Core 1.0.0 SDK Preview (
  • Git 2.8.x
  • Node.js v4.x or v6.x

Virtual Machine

We'll be building and deploying to a Linux-based VM so you'll need access to a VM somewhere. This can be on your local machine using Virtual Box or in the Cloud using Azure, AWS or Digital Ocean.


09:00 - 17:00