RavenDB Workshop


RavenDB workshop course teaches how to use our quickly evolving Document Database efficiently in your applications to save time and effort on communicating with database storage. .NET Developer, Database Administrator, Team Leader or Architects who would like to learn to build database-backed applications faster and more efficiently.


In this workshop you will get to know RavenDB and its core concepts, get comfortable with its API, learn how to build and customize indexes and how to correctly model data for use in a document database. After familiarity with basics we will expand and tackle grok Map⁄Reduce, Multi–maps and other advanced usages of indexes, learn how to extend RavenDB and the various options of scaling out.

In the end after understanding how and why RavenDB works the way it does, we will teach and extend on what are the best ways to make the most optimal usage out of it. We will also cover supporting RavenDB in production and what options there are for monitoring what it is doing there.

Completing this RavenDB workshop, will enable you to a build database–backed applications faster and more efficiently.


To benefit from this RavenDB course, you should have at least a minimum of 12 months experience working with .NET and C# prior to attending

Computer setup

In order to be able to participate in the workshop, participants are requested to bring a laptop with Visual Studio 2013 / 2015 installed.


09:00 - 17:00


  • Model your document database
  • Configure RavenDB for your applications
  • Manage sessions and transactions
  • Map objects and collections to database structures
  • Build large scale and performant applications
  • Utilize best practices and patterns
  • Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes
  • Create efficient RavenDB applications
  • Overview of RDBMS, NoSQL, Document Databases and RavenDB
  • Basic CRUD operations
  • RavenDB's indexes implementation
  • Data modeling
  • Caching
  • Static indexes, full–text search and spatial queries
  • Map/Reduce, multi–map and boosting