Switching to C++11/C++14 «by Example»


For a couple of years modern C++ (established with C++11 and now updated with C++14) is supported by Compilers. So more and more even commercial projects think about switching to this style of programming. But what does that mean in practice? Are the new features worth it? Do we really have portability between different compilers and platforms? And what are the biggest improvements compared to the biggest traps and challenges of modern C++?

This tutorial will give an answer. Using a concrete example, Nicolai Josuttis demonstrates all the new language features and libraries and how existing programs can benefit from them. Supported by supplementary slides, teaching the modern C++ features in detail, we will improve an old-style C++ program step-by-step. By doing this, we learn the concepts and the details of modern C++, we understanding the effect of C++11/C++14 for programming style and portability, we see which compiler differences still matter and we will benefit from trials and errors we make.

A real-world programming experience no serious C++ programmer should miss.

Who should attend

People who want to learn and know more about the details of C++11 and C++14, who want to understand the benefits and challenges of modern C++, and who plan to migrate to modern C++ sooner or later.


Attendees should be familiar with programming in C++ in general.


09:00 - 17:00


Attendees do not need a computer to follow this course.