Build/Deploy/Manage Software for Devices with Qt and

Qt NDC TechTown

In this 2-day workshop, you will learn how to design and implement a native application for an embedded device, and how to integrate your development workflow with a seamless deployment setup using the same over-the-air update technology that you can later use to manage and update an entire fleet of shipped devices.

We will use Qt to design, develop, and build an application for an embedded device, starting from a freshly installed development machine.

For deploying the software, we will use to implement an integrated and automated over-the-air deployment workflow, and show how this process scales from individual updates during development, to managing and updating the software for an entire fleet of devices.

You should have some programming experience, and some understanding of C++, and Linux. We will read and write some Qt code using both C++ and QML, so basic knowledge of Qt will be useful, but is not required.

Intended Audience:
This workshop should be particularly interesting for people that want to bring their experience with developing desktop applications into the embedded space, and want to see how principles of deployment automation and CI/CD concepts apply when working with devices.

Computer Setup:
Our partners from Toradex are providing Colibri iMX7 boards for this workshop, and we will make a vagrant box available to you that has the required software installed. In order to run this box you will need VirtualBox and vagrant installed on your machine, and you need to be able to connect your machine to the Colibri device using a USB cable. Your machine should have at least 25GB of available hard drive space.

To verify that the setup works, run

$ vagrant init generic/ubuntu1804
$ vagrant up

and check that a USB device connected to your host is visible to VirtualBox, and can be attached to the VM.


09:00 - 17:00