C++17 Upgrade

C++ TDC 2019

This 2-day course covers all the major topics in C++17. It is designed to give experienced C++ programmers who know C++11/14 a solid foundation in all aspects of the language and library innovations in the latest version of the C++ Standard.

The course is practically focused with lots of emphasis on hands-on labs and practical exercises. Please note that delegates will need the latest versions of current compilers in order to use C++17 features, and support for language and library features is still only partially complete. Recommended minimum compiler versions are gcc 7, clang 5 or Visual Studio 2017 15.7.

A detailed list of the topics covered is show below:

C++17 language features

  • structured bindings
  • copy elision
  • fold expressions
  • if/switch initializers
  • constexpr if
  • deduction guides
  • inline variables
  • nested namespaces

C++17 miscellaneous features

Removals and deprecations

C++17 library features

  • optional, any, variant
  • byte, string_view
  • node_handle
  • invoke, apply
  • filesystem
  • void_t

Detection idiom

C++17 concurrency

  • parallel algorithms
  • new algorithms

Computer setup:
Attendees will need to bring a laptop with minimum compiler versions of gcc 7, clang 5 or Visual Studio 2017 15.7.


09:00 - 16:15