Machine Learning using Python and Scikit-learn

Machine Learning Python

This workshop is part of NDC TechTown 2018
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In this workshop, you will be introduced to Machine Learning using Python. You will learn about the various libraries used in Python for machine learning, as well as the fundamental principles of some common machine learning algorithms.


  • Using the Scientific libraries in Python
    • Numpy
    • Pandas
    • Matplotlib
  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Types of Machine Learning Algorithms
    • Classification
    • Anomaly Detection
    • Regression
    • Clustering
    • Reinforced Learning
  • What is Predictive Analytics?
  • Introduction to Machine Learning using Python
    • Using the Scikit-learn Libraries
  • Using Machine Learning Algorithms in Python
    • Linear Regression
    • Logistics Regression
    • Naïve Bayes
    • Decision Tree
    • Random Forest
    • Support Vector Machine
    • K-Nearest Neighbours (KNN)
    • K-Means
  • Projects
    • Predicting student performance
    • Detecting cancer
    • And more...


  • Basic programming experience
  • Understanding of basic object-oriented programming concepts

Mac / Windows laptop

Anaconda (Jupyter Notebook)


09:00 - 17:00