Qt Architectures

Qt C++ Arkitektur & Design Mobile

In this training, Qt is studied from the architecture point of view. The goal is to learn how to use Qt frameworks and patterns in the development of efficient programs. Another focus area is Qt integration into native APIs in engine and GUI libraries.

Attendees will learn

  • Qt design patterns and design principles
  • Good practices and things to avoid
  • Performance considerations in Qt and QML programs
  • UI and business logic separation
  • Cross-Platform and Native APIs
  • Qt3D library


Qt Frameworks and Best Practices

  • Meta-Object System
  • Event Handling
  • STL vs. Qt Classes
  • Threading
  • Model View Pattern
  • Do's and Don'ts

Cross-Platform Libraries

  • Private Implementation Pattern
  • Qt Architecture: GUI Emulation
  • Business Logic and UI Separation
  • Native Integration
  • Native Controls
  • Native Styling

Qt Quick Architecture

  • QML Engine
  • Memory Allocations
  • Bindings
  • Qt Quick Rendering

Qt Mobile

  • Cross-Platform APIs: Connectivity
  • Native APIs: iOS Extensions, Android Intents

Qt 3D Architecture

  • Architecture
  • Entity-Component SystemArtifacts
  • Materials and Effects
  • Frame Graph
  • Performance Considerations


Qt and QML essentials, 3D graphics essentials, including OpenGL shading language

Who Should Attend:

Developers using Qt C++, QML or Qt3D

Software Requirements:

If you wish to bring your own laptop you need the following software installed:
QT Software Installations Download