Surviving development, DevOps and production with Docker and Kubernetes

DevOps NDC Porto

So, you're ready to embrace microservices? Now what? How do you get from idea to successful production deployment? In this workshop, you will learn approaches to solution design in preparation for development; development considerations to prepare for containerization; Docker development and related DevOps practices; other DevOps considerations to streamline development, test and production experiences - all with the goal to deploy the solution to the Kubernetes platform.

You'll learn how to prepare your applications for containerization including logging and instrumentation; end to end tracing; health check strategies; load balancing; resilience and circuit breaker techniques; managing application settings and secrets; and more.

You'll learn techniques that streamline development, developer onboarding, and testing and debugging with local Docker tools.

You'll learn how to configure solutions for a Kubernetes deployment from your local machine, or using CICD practices that automate the deployment from your container image registry.

You'll learn about container scheduling patterns in Kubernetes related to web applications, APIs, asynchronous job scheduling and projector patterns with end to end messaging solutions.

You'll learn techniques related to Kubernetes deployments, managing solutions in production, load balancing features, self healing and health check features, and how to integrate the solution with other cloud assets including multi-region deployments and load balancing, the use of application firewalls, integration with a messaging backbone and storage, and more.

Ultimately, this workshop is intended to give you a breadth of knowledge based on production customer experiences, to help you develop, deploy and manage your Kubernetes-based microservices solutions with a taste of real world architecture patterns.

Hands on lab time will be provided with walkthroughs of Docker development and Kubernetes deployments. Examples will include Azure and AWS cloud deployments.

Intended Audience
Developers, Technical Architects

At least 2-3 years development experience.

Computer Setup
Windows 10 or MacOS with Docker Community Edition installed (detailed instructions for setup to be provided for AWS or Azure aspects before the workshop)


09:00 - 17:00