Web Development in .NET - ASP.NET MVC , HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

.NET Microsoft Web

This course covers everything you need to know to start building applications with the latest Microsoft web development stack. We will use ASP.NET MVC on the server and see how to work with models, views, and controllers. On the client we'll take advantage of HTML 5, CSS 3, and the best JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery, Modernizr, and more.


3-6 months experience in C#.


1. Introduction
a. Fundamentals of the MVC design pattern
b. Starting new MVC projects
c. Basics of handling an HTTP request

2. Controllers
a. Routing
b. Controller factories
c. Actions
d. Action filters
e. Areas
f. Async controllers with async / await

a. View conventions
b. Razor syntax
c. HTML helpers and custom helpers
d. View and partial views
e. Templates

4. Models
a. Model binding
b. Mass assignment vulnerabilities
c. Models versus view models
d. Model validation
e. Data annotations

5. JavaScript
a. JavaScript and ECMAScript 5
b. Scope, functions, and best practices
c. Using Prototypes
d. Using Modules and IFFEs.

6. jQuery
a. DOM ready
b. Selecting elements
c. Catching events
d. Manipulation and traversal

7. AJAX and MVC
a. Using the AJAX helpers
b. Client validation and custom client validations
c. jQuery UI widgets
d. Bundling and minifying scripts
e. Remote validation

8. HTML 5
a. New elements and inputs
b. Working with media
c. Canvas and SVG

9. CSS 3
a. The box model
b. Animation and transitions
c. Rounded corners and box shadows

10. JavaScript APIs
a. Web Storage
b. GeoLocation
c. WebSockets and Signal R


09:00 - 16:30


1. Introduction

2. Controllers


4. Models

5. Modern JavaScript

6. jQuery


8. HTML 5

9. CSS 3

10. JavaScript APIs