Writing Cross Platform iOS and Android Apps using Xamarin.Forms and C#

Mobile .NET

In this 2-day workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of building cross-platform mobile apps targeting iOS and Android devices using Xamarin.Forms. Using the Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio, you can now write iOS and Android apps using your familiar C# language. When you are ready to deploy your apps, the Xamarin compiler will compile your app into the native binary for each platform. The end result is you have a first class application that is optimized for the respective platform that it is compiled for.


  • Xamarin.Forms
    • Cross Platform UI Development
    • Using Pages
      • ContentPage
      • MasterDetailPage
      • NavigationPage
      • TabbedPage
      • CarouselPage
    • Using Layouts
      • StackLayout, AbsoluteLayout, RelativeLayout
      • GridLayOut, ContentView, ScrollView, Frame
    • Using the various UI controls
    • Introduction to MVVM
      • MVVM Databinding
    • Display Maps
    • Accessing native features using DependencyService
    • Accessing Web Services
    • Accessing Databases
    • Using Messaging Center
    • Creating Custom Renderers
    • Deploying iOS and Android apps


  • Knowledge of basic programming and object-oriented programming concepts
  • Knowledge of C# is a plus


  • Mac
  • iOS devices (optional)
  • Android devices (recommended)


  • Xcode 8
  • Xamarin Studio


09:00 - 16:15