Accessibility in the UX and development process

Architecture & Design

This workshop is part of NDC Oslo 2017.

When we discover—often late in a project or even after a launch—that what we built isn't accessible to people with disabilities, we can feel both frustrated and defeated. As professionals working on the web, we're champions for the user, but with accessibility, we aren't even sure how to start. As designers and developers, how can we account for everyone's needs when there are so many competing priorities? What do we know about users with disabilities and how they interact with our content? How can we incorporate inclusive practices into what we build without negatively impacting our designs? And, how can we possibly make this scalable with agile teams?

In this interactive workshop created for anyone who participates in the UX and development process, Elle Waters guides attendees on how to consider accessibility at each stage of a project and within each role. Learn how to start with inclusive design principles and how to build those principles and techniques into the process. Elle provides easy-to-adopt techniques for designers, developers, and testers. Learn core principles that you can start putting into practice tomorrow.


09:00 - 17:00