AWS vs. Azure

Cloud .NET

This seminar is the product of Lynn and Michele's collective experiences working with customers during the evaluation, design and implementation phase of both AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Frequently Lynn and Michele team up to talk with customers about the options applied to their specific architecture and solution needs. After this workshop you will gain insights they share with you about the following:

  • Overall platform features across categories such as compute, data, network, security, high availability, data archival and more - plus how to apply them
  • The core reference architectures most commonly associated with each platform
  • How to apply each platform's compute, data, network topology, security and other features to a complete solution design
  • Features that stand out on each platform
  • Features that drive customers to a platform choice
  • The impact of big data on solution architecture and platform choice
  • Pros and cons of PaaS and IaaS options
  • Hybrid scenarios where both cloud platforms are useful
  • Customer stories to back up discussions
  • Demonstrations of the two platforms most relevant features

We want to leave you with a strong awareness for the breadth of capability for both AWS and Microsoft Azure - and give you some insights into design patterns to help you make decisions.

Intended Audience:

This workshop is intended for developers, team leads, or technical leaders interested in evaluating AWS and Microsoft Azure, or interested in comparing how their current platform choice stands up to the latest set of features across the platforms. Also those interested in the breadth of either platform will take away that complete overview and a bonus comparison of the alternate platform choice.


09:00 - 17:00