Bluetooth Low Energy, RealTimeCommunication & Protocols

Embedded IoT

There are several protocols for communication with IoT. In this workshop we will walk through some of the most common protocols, but also take a look at how we can choose to write our own (basic) protocol for communication between devices, sensors and systems.

We will focus on how to use Bluetooth Low Energy sensors and how to proxy communication to other systems and devices so that we can read/write to a BLE device from anywhere in the world.

The workshop will be very much hands­-on, and we will spend the day writing a lot of code.

Target audience

Anyone that is familiar with Visual Studio and have interest in real­time communication, C#, JavaScript and ofcourse IoT

Required equipment

Attendees need to bring a computer with the following setup:

- A computer with Windows OS (Win7/Win8) and WiFi
- Administrator account on your computer
- Visual Studio 2013 (
- NodeJS tools for Visual Studio ( )
- Putty ( )
- Azure Account If you do not have one you can sign up for a free trial at
- Windows Azure SDK for .NET v2.6 -

Hardware Provided By The Workshop
- Raspberry Pi 2
- Micro SD card
- Power supply
- USB WiFi adapter
- USB BLE adapter
- TICC2650 Wireless MCU


  • ­MQTT
  • AMQP
  • CoAP
  • XMPP
  • REST
  • Custom protocol

Bluetooth Low Energy

  • ­Introduction to BLE
  • Read/Write BLE Sensors

Communication patterns

  • Publish/Subscribe
  • RPC
  • DataSync


  • ­NodeJS
  • XSockets.NET
  • Raw Sockets
  • JavaScript, Sockets in the browser (not websockets)

Use our knowledge in a project

We mix our knowledge about IoT protocol with traditional development patterns to connect sensors to standard web­applications etc

We develop a solution from scratch that let us communicate with our BLE sensor from anywhere in the world so that we can read/write data from a website or a desktop application.


09:00 - 17:00



Bluetooth Low Energy

Communication Patterns