Building Desktop Applications using web technologies and Electron


This workshop is part of NDC Oslo 2017.

Electron is a technology for creating applications that use web technologies, but behave like traditional desktop applications. Leveraging open source technologies such as Chromium and NodeJS, Electron is used in popular tools like Visual Studio Code, Atom, Slack, Ghost Desktop, Brave and Nylas.

In this 2-day workshop you will be building applications and learning:

  • the fundamentals of an Electron application
  • the architecture of Electron, and what to be mindful of when building apps
  • how to migrate an existing single-page web application to Electron
  • how to create an Electron application from scratch
  • how to enhance your application using various Electron features
  • how to package, distribute and update your Electron application, for Windows, macOS and Linux
  • how to use native components and integrate your application with the operating system


This is what you will need:

  • A laptop (macOS, Windows or Linux is fine)
  • Git
  • A modern text editor (e.g. Visual Studio Code, Atom or Vim)
  • NodeJS v6 or later
  • Python 2.7 (not 3.x)


  • macOS - you need Xcode setup: xcode-select --install
  • Windows - you need the Microsoft C++ toolchain: npm install -g windows-build-tools
  • Linux - TBC


09:00 - 17:00