Continuous Delivery with Maven

Java DevOps

Continuous Delivery with Maven is a two-day training course that will help you to understand both Maven and the whole process of Agile development and continuous integration in a project.

This introductory course offers a practical and relevant knowledge to help teams work more effectively in the projects. The course gives introduction to new users, and an essential refresher for current users. The course will focus on usage of Maven 3.x – a popular open- source build automation tool, its fundamentals and concepts, configuration essentials, use of dependencies, use and development of plugins, as well as the aspects necessary for continuous delivery in a project.

As a part of the continuous delivery and integration we will also be looking at aspects like automatic testing of the code, code quality control and automatic build and deploy integrating Maven with tools like version control systems (Git), SonarQube, and Jenkins 2.0.

The concepts are demonstrated in a series of hands-on lab exercises.


Day 1:

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Agile Development and The Problems Agile Tries to Solve - Introducing the Scrum Process
  • Tools used for agile development
  • Introducing Maven
  • Introducing Git
  • Introducing Test-Driven Development
  • Introducing Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Customizing the Build Process
  • Dependency Management
  • Testing Techniques

Day 2:

  • Maven Repositories in Detail
  • Test-Driven Development in Detail
  • Assembling and Releasing Software with Maven
  • Building Products with Maven
  • Strategies for Handling Documentation and Reports
  • Git in Detail
  • Creating Mojos
  • Creating JEE Applications
  • Maven in the Enterprise


This training assumes knowledge of the Java language, and some general architetural principles.


09:00 - 16:15