Running Docker and Containers in Development and Production


Docker has changed the way that systems can be isolated, secured and deployed at scale. While containers can solve particular problems, they also introduce new concepts and approaches that developers need to be familiar with when running in production.

In this hands-on workshop, attendees will understand how to build systems that take advantage of containers in both development and production.

Topics and discussion points include:

  • Containers as a development environment
  • Continuous integration with containers
  • Running containers at scale with Docker Swarm
  • Scaling containers with Kubernetes, Mesos, DC/OS and OpenShift
  • Service discovery
  • Load balancing and multiple hosts
  • Persisting data and managing stateful containers
  • Securing containers
  • Monitoring, logging and debugging containers

Participants will learn lessons from real-world deployments of Docker and container-based systems.

Intended audience:
This workshop is targeted towards developers with the aim of gaining a better understanding of operations and production infrastructure. Operations and system administrators who are familiar with coding concepts will also gain knowledge and experience.

Familiar using a command line interface.

Computer setup:
A Windows, Linux or OSX installation with a single-node Docker server running. For more complex and multi-host scenarios, attendees can use their laptop or, an Interactive Learning Platform for Software Engineers.