Kanban in a day


Kanban is an approach to delivering software that blends elements from "lean" and "agile", but it is unique. It's goal is provide organisations with tools to improve their ability to deliver value, through systematic introspection and applied learning.

In this course you will be introduced to the theoretical underpinning and core concepts of Kanban. You'll also get to experience several simulations that will help you understand how to implement Kanban successfully and leverage the promise of continuous improvement in your organisation.

This course is suitable for all, no matter what job you do or what sort of organisation you work for.

About the instructor:

Seb wrote his first commercial software in the early 80s on an Apple II. He went on to studyComputer Science and Electronics at the University of Edinburgh and work in various roles in the software industry. Over the past few years, he has focused on helping teams adopt and refine their agile practices.Seb was a founding trainer with Kickstart Academy, has more than 30 years of industry experience (including IBM Rational and Amazon), and has been a speaker at many national and international conferences. He is the lead author of 'The Cucumber for Java Book' from Pragmatic Press


09:00 - 16:15