Mastering Vue.js

Web JavaScript NDC Oslo

This workshop is part of NDC Oslo 2019

Vue.js is an emerging JavaScript framework. In this workshop you're going to learn how to master Vue, from creating small widgets in an existing project to building an entire sophisticated enterprise application

We're going to build a new application from scratch going through templates, components, routing, transitions, state management, testing and much more.

Topics Day 1:

  • Getting started - learn the basics to succeed.
  • Templates, components, expressions, and more.
  • Dynamic forms and form validation.
  • Routing, services, and dependency injection.

Topics Day 2:

  • Automated testing with Karma.
  • Code generation with Open API (Swagger) enabled APIs.
  • Advanced tools and tips to improve productivity.
  • Packaging and deploying the application.

Computer Setup
Attendees will need a laptop with the following software installed:
Visual Studio Code (or your preferred IDE)


09:00 - 17:00