Microservices - a taste of the many platforms Workshop

Microservices Architecture & Design

This workshop is part of NDC Mini Copehagen 22-24 February 2017. Please order a 2-day Workshop Pass or an All Access Pass to attend.

Microservice architecture is the current evolution of application and enterprise architecture that takes the principles we remember from service-oriented architecture applies them more discretely.

When you apply Microservices architecture patterns and principles you decompose monolithic applications into smaller, more manageable and atomic parts - creating full-stack service silos - leveraging advances in containerization and DevOps culture. This approach enables teams to respond to rapidly changing business requirements more efficiently. Embracing Microservice architecture also forces you into better practices related to design and operations – by necessity – arguably as it should be.

This 2-day workshop begins with a short journey through the evolution of Microservices principles and patterns with design discussions of real applications and visual topologies. Following this comes the fun of exploring Microservices platforms including container platforms, Docker and Azure Service Fabric. While learning about the lifecycle of a Microservice architecture and its DevOps considerations - you will also see how platforms such as Docker / Swarm, Docker Data Center, Azure Container Services with Apache Mesos / DCOS, Amazon EC2 Containers, Google Container Engine and Kubernetes and Azure Service Fabric compare in terms of tooling, DevOps experience and features. You gain hands on experience in the process and go through the process of design, development, deployment, upgrade, scale and operational use cases. By the end of this workshop you will have a taste of many platforms and a good idea about the drivers for choosing between them for Microservice solutions in your future.

Who should attend:

Developers and technical leads who want to build Microservice-enabled solutions and understand the platforms, tools and technology concepts.


Attendees should have at least 2 years of development experience and be able to navigate various tools with guidance in hands-on labs.

Computer setup:

Attendees should bring their own laptop and be able to connect to the Internet, and have the following installed (additional time saving steps specific to the labs will be provided closer to the event):

- Git tools

- Create a GitHub user

- Create a DockerHub account

- Node / npm

- Chrome (preferred browser)

- Visual Studio 2015 with the latest Azure SDK and Azure Service Fabric SDK (for Azure Service Fabric labs only)

- Visual Studio Code, Sublime or any other text editor for other labs

- Internet connectivity

- AWS, Google and Azure accounts (can be a trial created closer to event, more details to come)