Microservices – evolutionary approaches for building systems of systems

Microservices Architecture & Design

Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together" was accepted 40 years ago yet we have spent the last decade building monolithic applications, communicating via bloated middleware and with our fingers crossed that Moore's Law keeps helping us out.

Microservices. In this tutorial we will discover a consistent and reinforcing set of tools and practices rooted in the the Unix Philosophy of small and simple. Tiny applications, communicating via the web's uniform interface with single responsibilities and installed as well behaved operating system services. Based on advances in Domain Driven Design, Continuous Delivery, Evolutionary architecture and event driven architecture, microservices bring together the better practices that have emerged over the last decade of innovation is software developmen.

In this course we will explore the following topics:

  • Principle-driven evolutionary architecture
  • Capability modelling, domain driven design and the town planning metaphor
  • REST, web integration and event-driven systems of systems
  • Microservices, versioning, consumer driven contracts and postels law
  • Testing, Building and continuous delivery
  • Operational concerns including monitoring, alerting and architectural safety.


09:00 - 16:15