Real World Agile


The Agile Manifesto was an attempt to distil the common underpinnings of a number of lightweight software development methodologies that were common in the latter parts of the 20th century. Since the publishing of the manifesto, "Agile" has become pervasive in the industry, but despite a wide variety of certificates that are available, there is still little discernible similarity between agile practices in different companies.

This course will equip you with a thorough understanding of agility: what it is; why it's valuable; and how to achieve it. Without dwelling on the specifics of any one methodology you will be exposed, through activities, workshops and lectures to the underpinnings of ALL agile methods - enabling you to accommodate agile in all its various guises.

The course is suitable for developers, testers, managers, architects and customers. Anyone involved in software development will gain a deep, visceral understanding of agile: a reduced risk approach to developing software.

About the instructor:

Seb wrote his first commercial software in the early 80s on an Apple II. He went on to studyComputer Science and Electronics at the University of Edinburgh and work in various roles in the software industry. Over the past few years, he has focused on helping teams adopt and refine their agile practices.Seb was a founding trainer with Kickstart Academy, has more than 30 years of industry experience (including IBM Rational and Amazon), and has been a speaker at many national and international conferences. He is the lead author of 'The Cucumber for Java Book' from Pragmatic Press


09:00 - 16:15