Pace: A Disruptive Approach to Software Development

In this half-day online workshop, Peter Cronin demonstrates how current software development practices (e.g. Scrum) are no longer keeping up with today's software development environment. Ultimately crippling our ability to provide continuous delivery without compromising software quality.

  • Jul 7
    4 hours
    06:00 - 10:00 UTC
    Peter Cronin
    385 USD

To counter this, Peter introduces Pace, a radical yet proven method that successfully brings planning and development into alignment with the speed of modern development cycles and finally delivers on the promises that Agile has been making for decades. No fluff, no nonsense, just a revolutionary process that reboots software development so management can plan, implement and deploy at a faster rate with fewer risks and greater potential for growth.

Peter Cronin
Director, ViAGO International

Peter Cronin is a Sydney-based Kiwi, director of ViAGO International, and the author of "Pace: Accelerating performance in software development for rapid growth". Peter has worked with scores of software teams across dozens of different industries since 2010, helping companies (and their people) to reengineer operations so they can consistently deliver higher-quality code, faster. In that time, he has presented in front of hundreds of business owners, and he jumps at opportunities to run courses, talk at conferences, webinars and guest-star on podcasts. In his other life Peter is training for his pilot’s license and picks up flying lessons whenever he has an hour to spare.

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