The TDD Challenge

A martial artist, a scientist and a doctor step into a bar... The rest of the story doesn't matter. What matters is - what can you learn from martial artists, scientists and doctors to make your code better? Their discipline!

  • Mar 14
    1 day
    10:00 - 13:30
    225 USD

TDD (test driven development) is a discipline that belongs to the software world. It comes to solve pain points like tech debt, unclean code and of course, software stability.

In this workshop we will go over the following:
1. What are disciplines
2. (Computer) Science
3. The programmer's discipline
4. TDD Live Demo
5. Hands on TDD Kata

Yonatan Kra
Software Architect, Vonage

Yonatan has been involved in some awesome projects in the academy and the industry - from C/C++ through Matlab to PHP and javascript. Former CTO at Webiks. Currently he is a Software Architect at Vonage and an instructor.

  • Requirements: - Nodejs (preferably with yarn) - Git - IDE (vscode/webstorm/etc.) Attendees should be fluent in JavaScript
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