TypeScript Power Users

Conversion to TypeScript from C#/Java/JavaScript may seem conveniently easy but further down the path it gets cryptic, confusing if not infuriating at times. Featuring opinionated views on functional and type-driven thinking, this is not your typical crash-course. We fully appreciate TypeScript is one of a kind, and commit to exploring its power and building a strong mentality that is unlike programming with any other mainstream language.

  • Dec 7
    4 hours
    08:00 - 12:00 UTC
    Hackle Wayne
    800 USD

It's more about *finding* the answer than getting it - so there will be a constant focus on the thinking process and how to find the shortest feedback loops.

Sounds like you? Join us for this series of immersive workshops made for the curious, ambitious or simply eager.

Previous programming experience is necessary but not specific to any language or framework.

This is a series of 4 half-day workshops held over two weeks on Tuesday and Thursdays: 7 Dec, 9 Dec, 14 Dec, and 16 Dec. Each session is 4 hours.

Content we'll cover:

  1. The intro and philosophy
    Structural typing, literals, unions and maps
  2. Type calculations
    Built-in utilities, conditional, inference, pattern matching and recursion
  3. Maps and Unions deep-dive
    The distinguishing features, the put-together and tell-apart
  4. The "undintinguisable from magic"
    Creative parsing and typing with template literals
  5. Operations, integrations, migration from JavaScript, best practices and caveats

This workshop works best with at least 3 people. If you have colleagues or friends that want to join with you – great! If not, please reach out to [email protected], and we will let you know as soon as there is a group to join.

Hackle Wayne
Experienced OO programmer turned functional advocate, Xero

A veteran in the trade, Hackle enjoys programming as a thinking game. He advocates programming functionally while trying to share his learnings in ways that are pragmatic, idiomatic and accessible.

  • This workshop can be tailored for groups. Please contact [email protected] for customized content, dates, and/or times.
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