Application Building with ASP.NET Core 8

Spend 2 days with Distinguished Engineer David Fowler and .NET Product Architect Damian Edwards learning how to build applications with ASP.NET Core 8.

  • Feb 12
    Hilton Sydney
    2 days
    08:00 - 16:00 UTC
    Damian Edwards, David Fowler, Scott Hanselman
    1 890 AUD

This workshop has been updated to take advantage of great new features in .NET 8 & C# 12 including Blazor, Minimal APIs, Identity Endpoints, and more.

Damian Edwards
Architect on .NET at Microsoft

Damian Edwards is a Principal Program Manager on the ASP.NET team, responsible for the core ASP.NET runtime and Web Forms. He's also an active open source participant, as the creator of the Web Forms MVP and SignalR open source ASP.NET projects, as well as various jQuery plugins.

David Fowler
Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft

David Fowler has been at Microsoft for 13 years working on developer frameworks and tools in the .NET space. He's one of the creators of several popular OSS frameworks and tools such as NuGet, SignalR and ASP.NET Core. He's an avid open source advocate and developer currently focused on helping teams at Microsoft adopt .NET 5/6 and beyond.

Scott Hanselman
Partner Program Manager, Microsoft,

Scott is a web developer who has been blogging at for over a decade. He works in Open Source on ASP.NET and the Azure Cloud for Microsoft out of his home office in Portland, Oregon. Scott has three podcasts, for tech talk, on developers' lives and loves, and for pop culture and tech media. He's written a number of books and spoken in person to almost a half million developers worldwide.

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