Mobile Application Development with React Native

In this course you'll learn how to leverage the power of JavaScript and React to build fully fledged native applications. React Native enables you to build multi-platform applications with JavaScript, using the same approach as you would when building applications for the web - it's «learn once, write anywhere»!

    Learn how to:

    • «Think in React»
    • Build composable component based views
    • Manage state using pure functions
    • Manage control flow to make you application do what you want, when you want it
    • Communicate with your backend and APIs
    • Use native device functionality
    • Leverage new React features like hooks and context to simplify your application
    • Deploy your application

    Some of the tech we'll use:

    • react-native
    • redux / redux-thunk
    • axios

    Course Outline:

    Day 1

    • Introduction
    • Modern JavaScript Features
    • Philosophy and Fundamentals of React
    • Setup and tooling (expo / create-react-native-app)
    • Web vs. Native
    • Fundamentals of React Native

    Day 2

    • Core React Native Components
    • Component Lifecycle
    • Higher Order Components
    • Input Handling and Events
    • Styling and Layout
    • Cross-platform APIs
    • Network and Data Fetching
    • Storage

    Day 3

    • State management
    • Control flow and side-effect management
    • Testing
    • Eco-system
    • Deployment

    Who Should Attend:
    Developers who want to to build modern mobile applications for multiple platforms leveraging what they already know from developing applications in JavaScript.

    You should ideally have some experience with JavaScript, as we won't spend too much time on the language itself. Prior experience with a JavaScript framework/library is helpful but not essential.

    Computer Setup:
    Attendees will need a laptop with the following installed

    • node.js 8.x or later
    • IDE / text editor of choice (like Atom or VSCode)
    • console with git
    Eirik Langholm Vullum

    Eirik is an independent full stack developer and consultant that loves all things JavaScript. He's also a wannabe functional programmer. Eirik has helped international startups build products and helped a wide range of companies build web applications, while training their teams. He also speaks regularly at conferences. What makes him tick is solving hard problems with simplicity and teaching others to do the same.

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