Azure Architect Masterclass

Vishwas Lele, an eight-time Azure MVP, and Microsoft Regional Director, will conduct this workshop. Vishwas has been working with cloud technologies since 2007 and has helped dozens of commercial and private-sector companies adopt the cloud. This Azure CSA Master Class is custom-designed to help you take your existing architecture and design skills to the realm of cloud computing. We will quickly move beyond topics like "What is an App Service?" or “How to setup highly available VM?" etc. and discuss real-world guidance, best practices, and constraints associated with using these services. Attendees of the workshop are encouraged to watch Azure Essentials ( )in preparation for the course, allowing us to move past the fundamentals quickly.

    This course is filled with demos and code to help you develop a deep understanding of key concepts. Since we have such a wide range of topics to cover, we will not have time for hands-on labs during the regular class hours. Instead, attendees can fork the code repo created for the class and experiment independently.

    The goal of this class is to engender a native cloud mindset. Cloud-native is a mindset that goes beyond moving an existing application to the cloud or leveraging the latest and excellent cloud services. Cloud-native is a solution-focused approach to building applications that maximizes the benefits that the cloud has to offer.

    You will learn:

    Why Cloud / Why Azure?

    The “big switch”

    • Review of commercial clouds
    • Azure platform evolution
    • Azure differentiators
    • What is Azure CSA?

    The role of the Azure CSA

    • People and process changes
    • Cloud Oriented Programming
    • Cost Economics

    Compute Essentials

    • Topology of a VM
    • Availability Set
    • VM Scale Set
    • Batch
    • Spot VMs
    • Event Grid

    Network Essentials

    • VNET / Subnet
    • Load Balancers (Traffic Manager Application Gateway, ILB)
    • Traffic Filtering (NSG, NVA)
    • Network Security
    • Gateway, peering (public/ private)
    • Network Service Endpoints

    Storage Essentials

    • Tiering (hot, cool, archive)
    • Blob Storage
    • Geo Replication
    • Disks (Managed Disks Premium Disks
    • Data Transfer (Export / import, appliance), Azure Stack Data Box

    PaaS Essentials

    • VM Scalesets
    • App Service
    • Azure Kubernetes Service
    • Azure Functions – Serverless

    Data Essentials

    • Azure SQL Database / MI
    • Cosmos DB
    • Azure Data Bricks
    • Azure Synapse
    • Azure Machine Learning

    Security Essentials

    • Security Center
    • Key Vault
    • Auditing and Logging

    Group Discussion / Call to Action

    • 5R model for moving to the cloud.
    • Cloud adoption strategies
    • Pitfalls and lessons learnt
    • Staying current with the Cloud cadence
    Vishwas Lele
    CTO Applied Information Sciences / Azure MVP

    Vishwas Lele serves as the CTO at Applied Information Sciences, Inc. Based on his firm belief that public cloud is becoming the backbone of *all* IT, Vishwas assists organizations with envisioning, planning and realizing their public cloud objectives. Vishwas brings close to 30 years of experience and thought leadership to his position. A noted industry speaker (Channel9, Ignite, VSLive) and author (Pluralsight & books) Vishwas also serves as the Microsoft Regional Director for Washington D.C. and has been a recipient of the Azure MVP award for the last five years.

    Vishwas is also the creator of several tools and apps including Netizen, MyFOIA, Media Center App, WAMS Manager, Excel Calc Engine, and Azure Service Catalog.

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