Batten Down the Hatches! A Cluster Security Journey

Your career is really taking off and you’ve finally landed that security engineer role at the company of your dreams. At your first daily standup meeting, the Chief Security Officer welcomes you aboard and gives you your first major project to lead which is aptly named, “Operation: Cluster Lockdown”.

    In this hands-on workshop, the instructors will dive into the methods used to perform a successful real world Kubernetes security audit. Attendees will learn through instructor-led scenarios how to perform cluster / workload inventory, rapidly assess the security posture of workloads, enforce least privilege for end-users and service accounts, and comply with established compliance standards.

    Each workshop attendee will be provided with a pre-configured public cloud environment running real-world Kubernetes workloads. The tools and methodologies covered in this workshop will give attendees the real world experience to perform a rapid Kubernetes security posture audit in their own organization’s clusters.


    The audience for this workshop is anyone who wants to get some hands-on experience assessing the security of modern Kubernetes environments. This is ideal for developers, platform engineers, security engineers, and anyone who needs to level up quickly on the ins and outs of Kubernetes security. The audience will gain knowledge of the tools and techniques used by security professionals who are faced with a Kubernetes environment that needs assessed quickly and efficiently.

    Jimmy Mesta
    Co-Founder and CTO at KSOC

    Jimmy Mesta is the Co-Founder and CTO at KSOC. He is a veteran security engineering leader focusing on building cloud-native security products. Prior to KSOC, Jimmy held senior leadership positions at a number of enterprises including Signal Sciences (acquired by Fastly) where he led a team of researchers and engineers. Jimmy is a well-versed public speaker and has presented at a variety of global conferences.

    Steve Wade
    Principal Software Architect at KSOC

    Steve Wade is currently one of the founding engineers at KSOC, a Kubernetes security startup. Before his current role, Steve held Platform leadership roles at UnderWrite Me and Mettle. During these roles, he leveraged the concept of GitOps to provide self-service platforms to developers. He has also provided Kubernetes consultancy and training worldwide during his time as a Consultant at Apprenda. Steve has served in leadership roles across many verticals including real estate, gaming, and the UK parliament.

    Steve has a BSc in Computer Science and is passionate about cloud-native software development and distributed computing. You can find him as @swade1987 on Twitter and GitHub.

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