Blazor Workshop

Blazor is arguably the hottest technology in the .NET world right now, and for good reason. It brings the missing piece of the puzzle to ASP.NET—A true client-side UI framework which allows developers to author applications with C# instead of JavaScript. Since its initial release in September 2019, it's grown massively in popularity as well as features. With .NET 6, developers will even be able to use their existing skills with Blazor to go beyond the web and create desktop applications!

    This 2-day workshop will quickly progress you from Blazor fundamentals through to creating rich interactive UI experiences using the more advanced framework features. The objective of this workshop is that attendees walk away with a solid understanding of the Blazor framework as well as practical experience of building a real application with it.

    Topics Include

    • Structuring Blazor applications
    • Working with components
    • Using events and data binding
    • Client-side routing
    • Forms and validation
    • Building reusable components
    • Leveraging browser APIs and existing JavaScript libraries
    • Integrating with backend APIs
    • Securing Blazor applications
    • Testing Blazor components with bUnit

    Attendee Requirements

    This course assumes attendees are familiar with .NET, C# and web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Attendees will also need to bring a laptop with the following:

    • The latest .NET SDK
    • An IDE such as Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio for Mac or JetBrains Rider. VS Code can also be used.
    Chris Sainty
    Principal Engineer @ Enable, Microsoft MVP and Author

    Chris is a Microsoft MVP, author, and software engineer at Enable with over 20 years experience designing and building applications.

    Passionate about sharing his knowledge with the community, he regularly writes both for his own blog as well as others—such as Visual Studio magazine, Progress Telerik, and StackOverflow. This passion for blogging led to his first book, Blazor in Action, a practical guide to building Blazor applications. He also maintains several popular open source projects under the GitHub organisation, Blazored. When not tapping on a keyboard, Chris is a keen speaker, having delivered talks at both user groups and conferences all over the world.

    You can find Chris online at his blog and on Twitter as @chris_sainty.

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