Build/Deploy/Manage Software for Devices with Qt and

In this 2-day workshop, you will learn how to design and implement a native application for an embedded device, and how to integrate your development workflow with a seamless deployment setup using the same over-the-air update technology that you can later use to manage and update an entire fleet of shipped devices.

    We will use Qt to design, develop, and build an application for an embedded device, starting from a freshly installed development machine.

    For deploying the software, we will use to implement an integrated and automated over-the-air deployment workflow, and show how this process scales from individual updates during development, to managing and updating the software for an entire fleet of devices.

    Volker Hilsheimer

    Volker started working Qt in the late 90s and joined Trolltech as an intern, supporting customers with their problems. After Nokia had bought the company and later decided to not pursue a Linux-and-Qt-based product line, Volker left the team for the configuration management space with CFEngine, before spending a short time as a free-lancing consultant for Continuous Delivery and DevOps, and some years as Engineering Manager in Telenor Digital.

    Since October 2018, Volker is back with The Qt Company, leading the Core & Network team, getting back into coding C++, and automating build environments with vagrant and docker.

    Mizra Krak

    Mirza Krak is an embedded Linux solution specialist with seven years of experience in the field and is currently employed by, the commercial entity behind the Mender project.

    Mirza was a Mender community member for a couple of years which led to him joining the Mender project full-time in 2018. He is involved in various other open source projects and is a Linux kernel contributor. Mirza's expertise is within Board Support Package development which ranges from hardware bringup, bootloaders, Linux kernel and build systems (Yocto/OE-core). Mirza has spoken at various conferences including ELC, ELCE and foss-north.

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