Build your first machine learning model on AWS

Are you curious about machine learning (ML) but don't know where to start? ML is a pervasive technology relevant to today's IT development, but transitioning your skillset to ML can be challenging.

    Cloud computing platforms democratize ML and put it in the hands of every developer. Attend this workshop to learn how to jumpstart your ML journey using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    We'll explore machine learning concepts and see first-hand the steps to train and deploy a machine learning model, consume and process data, and generate real-time predictions.

    You'll walk away understanding ML and the services available to build ML systems. No Ph.D. or prior machine learning experience is required!

    Kesha Williams
    AWS Machine Learning Hero

    Kesha Williams is an award-winning technology leader teaching others how to transform their lives through technology. She has 25+ years of experience architecting, designing, and building enterprise web applications. Her passions include teaching cloud topics and leading software engineering teams. Kesha holds multiple AWS certifications and is recognized as an AWS Machine Learning Hero, Alexa Champion, AWS Ambassador, and HackerRank All-Star. She currently serves as the Program Director of Slalom's Cloud Residency and on the Board of Directors for Women in Voice.

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