Building Android

Everybody knows how to write apps for Android, but few know how to create the Android platform itself. This workshop will show you how. Using source code from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) you will will build a custom Android image based on Android 11 and a 5.4 kernel. The target hardware is Goldfish, known to most people as the Android emulator

    You will get a chance to go through a complete – but intensive – product cycle, starting from a bare device configuration. You will make it buildable by adding it to the lunch menu, then customize the image by selecting the packages to add, and finishing up with a few customizations such as adding a boot animation

    The second part of the workshop is to use this base platform to create a (simple) smart doorcam. For this you will be writing a platform app – the kind that is bundled with the system images – and using lock task mode to create a single use “kiosk mode” device

    This workshop is very much hands-on. As a takeaway you will have the slides, workbook notes and the end result. Plus, worked examples to help you along

    Chris Simmonds
    Looking after the inner penguin

    Chris Simmonds is a software consultant and trainer living in southern England. He has spent almost two decades designing and building open-source embedded systems of all shapes and sizes, and he has encapsulated much of that experience in his book, “Mastering Embedded Linux Programming”.

    He is a frequent presenter at open source and embedded conferences, including the Embedded Linux Conference and Embedded World. You can see some of his work on the “Inner Penguin” blog at

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