Building cloud-ready, resilient systems in .NET

You may think that your application is already cloud-ready, it's deployed in the cloud, isn't it?! But in truth, if your application is hard to monitor/scale/release/maintain, lacks resiliency, and is poorly structured, then it's not "cloud-ready".

    So what does "cloud-ready" actually mean?

    A “cloud ready” application is a legacy software application that has been modified to run on cloud computing infrastructure.

    Whether you are looking at a modular monolith or a full-blown distributed system, building a cloud-ready, resilient application is a must.

    In this workshop, we will look at the requirements for Tacky Tacos. A fictional taco business that's thriving and wishes to expand.
    We'll look at all the different requirements that need to be met, starting with a code kata and how we can apply various design patterns to our way of thinking.
    We'll then move on to building out a functioning, all-be-it, contrived modular monolith using .NET 8 and C#, learning as we go.

    Topics we'll cover:
    - Architecture and Methodology
    - Modular monolith vs microservices vs SOA
    - Distribution and Modularisation
    - Common design patterns
    - Modelling requirements
    - .NET 8 application development recap
    - Databases
    - Synchronous communication
    - Asynchronous communication
    - Add more!

    Who is this workshop aimed at
    This workshop is aimed at backend developers with some experience writing web applications using C# and .NET.

    The workshop will not cover .NET Framework.

    Equipment and software
    - A computer - either Windows PC or macOS
    - Visual Studio 2022 or JetBrains Rider
    - VS Code
    - .NET 8 or higher
    - Docker Desktop
    - Postman or similar
    - Azurite

    Layla Porter
    Live Coder, Microsoft MVP, GitHub Star

    Layla is a Developer Advocate at VMware serving the .NET community. She makes videos and livecodes on YouTube. She is a Microsoft MVP, a GitHub Star, Progress Ninja, and the founder of the #WomenOfDotNet Initiative. Layla loves sharing knowledge whilst having fun. No question is stupid and beginners are always welcome.

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