Company-wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy

It seems to be accepted for small, medium-sized, and large companies that something needs to be changed. "We've done it always that way" doesn't work anymore. Companies are required to become "agile", people say. Meanwhile this term is discussed in management circles, business networks, and associations. Agile shall enable companies to get ready for digitalization, new work, disruptions, and tighter markets. Yet, is agile sufficient?

    This workshop allows to expand your horizon beyond the traditional methods and framework. On the foundation of Agility we synthesize: Beyond Budgeting, Open Space and Sociocracy to „BOSSA nova for company-wide agility ". The goal of company-wide agility can only be reached by changing fundamental conditions like strategy, structure, and processes. Thus, in this workshop we will also make use of examples that make:

    • the organizational structure (hierarchy?) more agile
    • the organizational processes faster so that they enable innovation
    • the organizational strategy better aligned with current needs so that your organization is able to drive the market instead of being driven by the market

    In this workshop we'll examine on the one hand on the impact of company-wide agility on strategy, structure, and processes. And on the other hand, we'll focus on how to implement company-wide agility in your own organization.

    Outline / Structure:

    • Urgency – why do companies require more agility?
    • Proven principles
    • Agility as the foundation, translating the values for company-wide agility with the goal of continuous learning with experiments (or rather probes) and feedback
    • Open Space (beyond the facilitation technique) for inviting everyone to expand their roles and to innovate by following their passion.
    • Beyond Budgeting for continuous adjustments to market needs using relative targets, rolling forecasts & dynamic (financial) resource allocation.
    • Sociocracy for ensuring equivalence by implementing feedback in the power structure and shared decision-making.
    • Preconditions & Culture
    • Preconditions for and impact of BOSSA nova on the company culture as well as on the company's strategy, structure, and processes
    • Enabling BOSSA nova in your own company:
      • What kind of change is necessary?
      • How can it be implemented?
      • Learn Fast not Fail Fast
      • Proven probes for developing an agile organization
      • How can you create and implement probes safely?
    • Transfer existing probes so they fit your company's context
    Jutta Eckstein

    Jutta Eckstein works as an independent coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, and author. She has a unique experience in applying Agile processes within medium-sized to large distributed mission-critical projects. She has published several books, the most recent one is: Company-wide Agility with Beyond-Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy (co-authored with John Buck).

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