DAPR in Action, Migrating your Application to Microservices

The workshop aims to demonstrate the new DAPR framework abilities for building microservices applications and show a viable migration path from existing C# applications. During this workshop, you will understand how DAPR can help developers concentrate on business logic and make it agnostic of cloud, storage, and message brokers. This workshop also introduces the Azure Container Apps service in preview to demonstrate its benefits for the new DAPR apps.

    1. We will start with a DAPR setup on a developer machine.
    2. Then proceed with an Azure cloud infrastructure deployment via code.
    3. Continue with a split of a sample monolithic .NET Core application and containerize it.
    4. Then upgrade the application to run locally with DAPR sidecars.
    5. Deploy the application to the Azure Kubernetes cluster.
    6. Switch inter-service communication to pubsub component with RabbitMQ.
    7. Replace RabbitMQ with ServiceBus and add a telemetry provider(Application insights).
    8. Add Azure KeyVault as secret storage.
    9. Add State management for key/value storage.
    10. Last, but not least we will have a look at the new Azure Container Apps service and why this is the perfect match for your DAPR application.

    Homework. Sample assignments with code for integration with Azure Functions and several other components. The author will provide detailed feedback and help with homework during the week after the workshop.

    The workshop will have a GitHub repository containing complete start and end code for each workshop block. During the workshop, the trainer will be completing the workshop steps along with infrastructure setup and deployment, supporting participants with problem resolution, and theory blocks(reasons behind decisions) along the way.

    Stas Lebedenko
    Microsoft Azure MVP | Cloud Architect | Developer

    Stas Lebedenko is a solutions architect working at Capgemini Engineering. Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional since 2020, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and Certified Azure Solution Architect Expert. Co-organizer of Odesa Microsoft. NET User Group, speaker and author, an active member of Ukraine .NET/Azure communities.

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