Developing Applications with .NET and C#

.NET has evolved quite a lot. From a framework which we could use to build Windows and WebForms, it has evolved into an ecosystem that we can use to build modern, responsive and cloud-ready systems for enterprises.

    After taking this course, developers will have an understanding of the C# language, Visual Studio and the most important building blocks of the framework.

    During this training, we will teach you about the .NET framework and C#. No C# knowledge is required however previous programming experience is expected (Java, C++…) since we aren't covering the basics of programming.

    Course duration
    4 days

    Course contents

    Day 1: C# and Visual Studio 2017

    • C# is the most popular language to build .NET applications with. It's actively maintained and new features are continuously added to the language. Visual Studio 2017 is the most advanced IDE to build all types of .NET applications with, varying from web, desktop, cloud and mobile apps. In this first part of the training, you'll get acquainted with the C# language as well as Visual Studio. Students will also get acquainted with .NET Core, the new stack within the .NET world.
    • Topics
      • C# language
      • Visual Studio 2017
      • .Net Core

    Day 2: More C# and client development

    • On the second day of the training, we'll take you on a trip to more advanced features of the C# language as well as make you more productive in VS2017. You'll learn the tricks of the IDE that you'll need to get up to speed. Next, we'll use the newly gathered C# knowledge to explore how we can build desktop applications with WPF.
    • Topics
      • Advanced features in C# and Visual Studio 2017
      • Building applications with WPF

    Day 3: Web development with ASP.NET Core MVC and ASP.NET Core API

    • Web development is probably the area where most developers will be spending time in. With .NET, Microsoft offers several approaches for building modern web applications. During this day of the training, students will be familiar with building web sites and APIs using ASP.NET Core.
    • Topics
      • ASP.NET Core
      • ASP.NET Core MVC and API

    Day 4: Mobile and Cloud development

    • In the final day of the course, we'll explore how we can build mobile applications with C# using Xamarin. Next, we'll take a look at how the Azure cloud can be used in all types of .NET development.
    • Topics
      • Xamarin
      • Azure for .NET developers
    Gill Cleeren

    Gill Cleeren is a Microsoft Regional Director, Visual Studio MVP, Xamarin MVP and Pluralsight author. Gill focuses on web and mobile development and loves Xamarin. Gill is a frequent speaker at many international conferences such as TechDays, TechEd, NDC, VSLive, DevConnections and many more. He also is the founder of Techorama, the biggest IT conference in Belgium and he runs Visug, the .NET user group in Belgium as well. You can find his website at

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