End-to-end DevOps with GitHub

GitHub is more than just a place to keep your code. GitHub offers features that cover your whole DevOps lifecycle from idea all the way into production.

    This hands-on workshop will take you through an end-to-end software lifecycle, starting with GitHub Issues and Projects for planning, GitHub Codespaces for a super efficient inner loop of development, and GitHub Actions to take your applications into production.

    You will learn

    • How to effectively plan and track your work using GitHub Issues
    • How to manage your projects within and across repositories in your organisation
    • The free and paid options for coding in the cloud, including the web editor and GitHub Codespaces
    • How to use GitHub Actions for CI/CD
    • How and when to use GitHub Actions for non-CI/CD automation
    • Techniques and strategies for safe and effective software engineering using GitHub tooling
    • Techniques for effective collaboration in remote teams


    • Planning and Tracking with GitHub Issues
      • Introduction to Issues
      • Basic features
      • Task Lists and cross-references
      • GitHub Projects
        • Getting started
        • Customising
        • Automation
    • The Inner Loop with Codespaces
      • The web editor
        • Features and limitations
        • Context and PRs
      • Codespaces
        • Getting started
        • Customising your codespace
        • Settings and secrets
    • Automation with Actions
      • Introduction to Actions
      • Syntax and capabilities
      • Workflow structures and strategies
      • Environments and approvals
      • Non-CI/CD automation

    Who should attend

    Software engineers, team leads, and DevOps specialists, regardless of their level of GitHub adoption.

    Computer setup spec

    Any laptop with a keyboard and a browser.

    In fact, you could probably get by with a tablet - it's a new world!

    Anthony Borton
    Solutions Engineering Manager @ GitHub

    Anthony is an SE Manager at GitHub where he helps a talented bunch of Solutions Engineers in Australia and Japan do their best work.

    Formerly a DevOps Architect at Microsoft (3 years) and a Microsoft MVP (11 years), he has spent his career helping educate organisations on how to be more successful with their DevOps transformations.

    Anthony's hobbies include travelling, IoT, Home Automation and all things gadget related.Solutions Engineering Manager @ GitHub

    Andre Kolodochka
    Senior Solutions Engineer, GitHub

    Andre is a Senior Solutions Engineer at GitHub primarily looking after SMB customers in APAC. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and educating his customers on best ways to implement and use GitHub products. Andre is based in Sydney and comes with a wealth of experience from customer support, IT and security, Operations, Sales and Consulting.
    Prior to joining GitHub, Andre worked for an Atlassian partner where he implemented various solutions based on Atlassian tools and trained customers to get the best out out those.
    Andre is a gliding instructor so in his spare time (and the weather gods allow) he flies gliders at Richmond RAAF airbase and trains new students.

    Michelle “MishManners” Duke
    GitHub DevRel 🥑 | Hackathon Queen®™ | Founder | Esports Queen, Github

    I'm a multi-talented personality in the tech and gaming communities. As a developer advocate 🥑, get to create awesome experiences and engage with the vibrant GitHub developer community. I've spoken at over 250 events on topics like AI, the future of work, communication, teamwork, and have given technical demos. I'm a respected leader in the hackathon community, having won, organised, and mentored over 100 hackathons.

    I have founded several tech companies—including an AI company, and an escooter business—and, as a result, sits at the forefront of Melbourne’s science, tech, esports and startup scenes. In my 'spare' time I'm a streamer, journalist, and always working on something exciting ⚡ So catch me at an event or streaming on Twitch!

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