Everything Vue - A “learn as you build” workshop!

Topics to be covered:

    • What is Vue (background info, history, stats, companies, etc)
    • Vue Basics: Converting a static Product/Cart HTML site to use Vue and real data
    • Single File Components (SFC) (.vue files)
    • Intermediate Vue: Parent-Child Relationships
    • Vue-CLI
    • Doing Builds: (Modern/Legacy deploys)
    • Vue-Router: Basics, Child routes Auth, Lazy loading
    • Vuex: Global and modular state management
    • Vue DevTools
    • Shared reactive logic: Mixins and Composition API (New in Vue 3!)
    • Advance Vue: Slots, Directive plugins, Animation, Dynamic Components
    • ESLint-Plugin-Vue
    • Working with Sass
    • Vue-I18N: Dynamic Internationalization
    • Testing: Vue-Test-Utils + Jest
    • Vue Ecosystem: Component Libraries, SSR Tools, Mobile development

    Bonus content (time permitting):

    • Converting an existing codebase to Vue
    • Form validation
    • Login screen (handling auth)
    • Different approaches to handling styles
    Gwendolyn Faraday
    Software Engineer

    I'm a software developer from Indianapolis, IN. Professionally, I work mostly with web and blockchain technologies. For fun, I love dabbling in other languages, working on random IoT projects, and making apps that help people learn or build good habits through gamification.

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