Getting Started with Ports & Adapters Architecture and .NET

8 Hour workshop where participants will build a .NET Core book ordering system using the principals of Ports & Adapters.

    The course will focus strongly on why boundaries are important, why DRY can be very misleading at the boundaries of systems/components and how the style of Ports & Adapters leads to a functional core that can support many types of host applications and databases etc...

    Computer setup

    • IDE for writing software in C# (Visual Studio / Rider etc...)
    • .NET Full Framework and .NET 6.0 SDKs installed
    • Docker
    • Local containerized relational database of your choice (SQL Server, My SQL etc...)
    • Local containerized documentdb database of your choice (Couchbase etc...)
    • Working internet connection
    Nathan Johnstone
    Chief Architect @ Omnia Retail, Omnia Retail

    Software development is a life long passion that started with my first computer (Commodore 16) at the age of 8 and continues to this day.

    My current areas of software interest are around building reliable, robust and anti-fragile "appropriately sized services".

    At various times in my youth I've played rugby, did amateur boxing for a while finally switch to ice hockey which I've played on and off for around 8 years.

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