Go for Beginners

Let us build a rocket in code and play hackers to learn Google's Go programming language. It is an increasingly popular systems programming language used to make web services, databases, compilers, command line utilities and even realtime systems.

    We will cover unique Go features such as embedding, compile time duck typing and how Goroutines and channels elegantly solves the challenge of dealing with concurrency.

    Erik Engheim
    Principle Consultant at Sixty North

    Erik Engheim has a passion for the interaction between humans and technology, and writes regularly about user interface design, technology behind crypto currencies or programming languages as well as creating educational material such as videos and books.

    He loves trying out new programming language and likes both the very abstract like Haskell or LISP as well as low level programming with C or e.g. programming assembly language on a micro-controller.

    Erik has worked many years in the oil industry developing 3D modeling and simulation software for the oil industry and worked as a consultant developing software for tablets and smart phones.

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