Jump-starting your Embedded Linux & Yocto Journey

Are you looking to use Linux or Yocto for your next embedded project? Or have you started already, and you’re struggling to grasp how “all the pieces fit together?”. This 2-days course will provide you a map to navigate this uncharted territory and help you to make the jump from the “getting started tutorial” to your product.

  • Sept 9
    Magazinet Kongsberg
    2 days
    07:00 - 15:00 UTC
    Loic Domaigne
    13 490 NOK

During the workshop, we will:
- Get introduced to Embedded Linux and Yocto,
- See how Yocto helps to create custom Linux distribution,
- Discuss practical considerations for cross-development,
- Cover the Yocto build-system in more depth,
- Learn about Yocto layers and recipes,
- Create a cross-development toolchain with Yocto (SDK)
- Configure and build the Linux kernel and user space applications.
- Tools and techniques for debugging kernel/user space applications.

After the workshop, you will…
- Have a map to navigate Yocto projects,
- Understand how to configure, build, and debug embedded Linux components.
- Be ready to embark on your Embedded Linux & Yocto journey!

What you should bring:
This is a practical hands-on workshop. Along with the PDF course material, you will get a virtual machine to practice. To fully benefit from these hands-on exercises during the course, bring a laptop VirtualBox or VMware installed. Your laptop should have hardware virtualization enabled, at least 8Gb of RAM, and plenty of disk space (at least 45Gb). The download and installation instructions will be provided in advance.

You will also be able to redo the exercises at your own pace after the course.

Some experience of working with an embedded environment (RTOS or bare machine) and the C programming language is assumed. Familiarity with the Linux shell commands is beneficial, but not mandatory.

Loic Domaigne
Doulos, Senior Member Technical Staff

Loïc Domaigné has been working since 1996 with Linux, engineering software for distributed, concurrent, failure tolerant, embedded, and real-time systems for various industrial sectors, such as: telecom, air traffic control, medical devices and automotive.

Loïc loves sharing knowledge and is an enthusiastic instructor. He contributed to the technical review of Michael's Kerrisk book The Linux Programming Interface. Loïc joined Doulos in 2018, where he teaches Embedded Linux, Yocto, Python, Deep Learning and Edge AI.

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