Let's build that glorious monolith - The Art of Monolithic Application Design

Monoliths often get a bad rap. However, when designed with care and strategy, a monolithic architecture can not only be efficient but also 'glorious.' This workshop aims to dismantle the myths surrounding monolithic applications and provide practical insights into building a robust, maintainable and scalable monolith. Through both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice, participants will learn key principles of creating a high-quality monolithic application that is a joy to work with.

    During the workshop, we will look at various aspects of monolithic architecture, such as defining contexts, structuring your application for developer ergonomics, synchronous and asynchronous communication between contexts, minimizing boilerplate code, effective data separation, and implementing useful architectural patterns. Participants will have the opportunity to apply these concepts in real-time, as we collectively build a monolithic application from scratch. The session will also cover strategies for maintaining a monolith's integrity over time and, if necessary, transitioning parts of the monolith into separate services.

    This hand-on workshop is designed for developers and architects who want to explore the full potential of monolithic architecture. Whether you are building a new application or looking to improve an existing one, "Let's Build That Glorious Monolith" offers a path to monolithic design that will let you enjoy a calm and pleasant life.

    The workshop will be using C# and .NET for the hands-on coding, but the principles are applicable in many languages and frameworks. Some familiarity with C# and .NET is helpful for following along the examples.

    Participants are expected to bring their own laptop with the latest version of .NET and a suitable editor. Some of the labs require having Docker installed and working.

    Glenn F. Henriksen
    Cloud wizard, CTO and teacher

    Glenn F. Henriksen is a mentor and developer from Norway. As the co-founder and CTO of Justify, he gets to build new legal tools for everyone to use, helping to create better communication and less conflict in relationships. He's continuously exploring new tools, processes and technologies, and improving how he and his fellow developers work with code, tasks and projects. He has been a Microsoft Development MVP, a part of the Microsoft Regional Director program and is an ASP.NET Insider and an Azure Advisor. In the past 20+ years he has co-owned two companies, worked as a consultant, manager, support tech, network admin, developer, architect, technical lead and more, but his favorite things are still swapping code for food and building stuff that makes a difference in people’s lives.

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