NGRX in Angular

Learn how to write a web application using the latest and greatest in the Angular world. Angular 10, TypeScript 4, Reactive Forms, Angular Material 10, and NgRX 10.

    You will learn the following:

    Angular Material 10
    Enterprise architecture in Angular
    Lazy loading in Angular
    Forms and inputs validations using Angular Reactive Forms
    NGRX 10 for state management

    The finished Source code of the app is included.

    You can also consult me regarding your current or future Angular projects at the end of the training.

    Devlin Duldulao
    Microsoft MVP, Chief Consultant at Inmeta

    Devlin Duldulao, originally from the Philippines, is a full-stack cloud engineer in Norway. As a Microsoft MVP, he is a prolific trainer, conference speaker, and published book author who has dedicated his career to sharing his extensive knowledge. As a chief consultant at Inmeta, Devlin is passionate about staying current with the rapidly evolving tech industry. This has led him to delve into cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence, GPT, and prompt engineering. Through his unwavering commitment to learning and empowering others, Devlin continues to impact the global technology community significantly.

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