Pragmatic Unit Testing Now!

Loving unit testing? Hating unit testing? Or ever having doubts about any unit testing practices? This workshop is for you. Let's revisit unit testing from ground up, with one key word: pragmatic. We'll build an easy but "typical" application together in a few stages. For each stages, there are choices to be made on unit testing and code design. Gradually, patterns appear, ideas surface, and with luck, we will arrive at something very clear. It' too obvious, almost stupidly so!

    Some of the topics we will cover:
    * pragmatism in coding and unit testing
    * clarified: what to test and what not to?
    * assertion style - can we just have one?
    * to mock or not to mock, is there really any question
    * reconsider dependency injection
    * rethink the layers in architecture

    A workshop that's fully hands-on, very stress-free, most certainly useful, and at times slightly controversial.

    * there will be no "advanced" unit testing, and
    * your unit testing biases or preferences might not be confirmed

    See you there!

    Hackle Wayne
    Between the abstractions we want and the abstractions we get @

    Often considered an instigator of controversy, Hackle advocates programming as a thinking game; he strives for simplicity and elegance, and enjoys sharing his learnings in pragmatic, idiomatic and accessible ways.

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