Reactive Mobile Apps with GraphQL and Maui

GraphQL is designed for a mobile-first / cloud-first world and specifies how to expose modern APIs. GraphQL, since its inception, has been rapidly growing and is now the go-to solution for new APIs. The largest internet companies in the world like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and GitHub are all running on top GraphQL. Become part of this next shift in technology and learn why GraphQL has become so popular with companies of all sizes.

    In this workshop, we will introduce you to GraphQL and the major concepts behind it. We will look at how to build a GraphQL server with ASP.NET Core 7 and Hot Chocolate. You will learn how to query GraphQL and what tools are out there that can help you explore and manage large schemas. Further, we will dive into Maui and explore how to efficiently build fast and fluent mobile applications using Microsofts newest take on Mobile applications.

    Technologies covered:

    .NET, ASP.NET Core, GraphQL, Hot Chocolate, Maui

    Day 1: GraphQL Basics

    • What is GraphQL
    • Migrating REST applications to GraphQL
    • Wrapping REST APIs with GraphQL
    • Transitioning to GraphQL native
    • GraphQL server ecosystem in .NET
    • GraphQL client ecosystem in .NET and JavaScript (Apollo vs. Relay)
    • Exploring reactive GraphQL clients for .NET.
    • Query and Mutation
    • Fragments and Composability
    • GraphQL Syntax
    • Schema best practices

    Day 2: Putting GraphQL Production

    • GraphQL Subscriptions
    • Defer and Stream
    • Schema Federation
    • Putting GraphQL Production
    • Persisted Queries
    • Security Concepts
    • Observability with Open Telemetry
    • Testing Strategies


    You will need basic knowledge of .NET

    Also, you will need a computer with the .NET 7 SDK and Visual Studio Code.

    Michael Staib
    Michael Staib - ChilliCream

    Michael is a member of the GraphQL technical steering committee, a Microsoft MVP, and the author of the Hot Chocolate project (, a platform for building GraphQL servers and clients in .NET. This open-source project has been his main focus for the last couple of years.

    Apart from his work in the open-source community, Michael works as a consultant to help companies move to GraphQL. You can tune into the Hot Chocolate project on youtube:

    Follow me on GitHub:
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    Connect on LinkedIn:
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    Brandon Minnick
    Developer Advocate @ AWS

    Brandon is a Microsoft MVP and a .NET Developer Advocate at AWS where he gets to work closely with the developer community to help fellow mobile app and cloud developers make 5-star apps.

    Brandon previously worked at Xamarin + Microsoft where he focused on creating mobile apps in C# using Xamarin + .NET MAUI.

    An avid mobile app developer, Brandon loves to code and has contributed to and published countless apps!

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