Real-time event visualization using F# and Fable

In this half-day workshop we will learn how to build a digital dashboard with real-time event visualization using F# and Fable (that compiles F# to Javascript). We will start from the ground up checking out MVU pattern and Elm architecture and then proceed to more advanced topics like asynchronous operations and Web socket communication. Finally we will style our application using CSS imported with an F# type provider.

    Workshop plan:
    - What is Elm architecture?
    - What is MVU pattern?
    - Introduction to Fable and Fable/Elmish
    - Writing a trivial Fable application
    - Integrating Web services into a Fable application
    - Implementing bidirectional communication using Web sockets
    - Styling with CSS libraries and CSS F# type provider
    - Using Visual Studio Code and Ionide to build and run the application

    Vagif Abilov
    Singing programmer

    Vagif is a Russian/Norwegian developer working for a Norwegian company Miles. He has about three decades of programming experience, currently focusing on building systems in F# and C#. Vagif is a frequent speaker on software conferences and contributor to some open source projects. In his free time he talks to house pets and struggles with playing music.

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