Running Containers in Development and Production with Docker and Kubernetes

Docker has changed the way that systems can be isolated, secured and deployed at scale. While containers can solve particular problems, they also introduce new concepts and approaches that developers need to be familiar with when running in production. As companies begin to scale and roll out more deployments, it's important to build on a strong foundation, such as Kubernetes, that can support your teams and applications.

    In this hands-on workshop, attendees will understand how to build systems that take advantage of containers in both development and production.

    Topics and discussion points include:

    • Containers as a Development Environment
    • Continuous Integration with Containers
    • Building Optimised Container Images
    • Running Containers Across Multiple Hosts
    • Managing Containers in Production
    • Introducing Kubernetes
    • Managing Container Networking
    • Persisting Data for Stateful Services
    • Securing Containers
    • Monitoring, Logging and Debugging containers

    In the end, attendees will understand how to gain value from containers in development and scale applications in production to improve reliability, security and ease of management.

    Participants comfortable with using Linux command line.

    Computer Setup
    Participants will need to bring a laptop to this workshop.

    Ben Hall

    Ben has done the rounds as a tester, developer, speaker, freelancer, startup entrepreneur and most recently working at a startup investment company in London. Ben is currently working on his next startup venture.

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