Spring Boot training

Spring Boot is a modern version of the Spring platform that now serves as the basis for simple, efficient and productive software development. It provides opinionated perspectives that reduce the amount of configuration necessary, support for production metrics and health checks and the ability to embed various application container deployment strategies without having to build WAR files.

    In this course, we will start with an overview of conventional Spring concepts before introducing the new approaches in Spring Boot. This will lead to increased productivity, simplified deployments and the use of modern production support features.

    The audience should be familiar with Java at the beginner to intermediate level or above. A background in Spring is useful but not required to benefit from the skills that will be presented.

    Computer setup:
    Your computer should have JDK 8 installed.


    - Spring Overview

    - Traditional Spring Configuration

    - Introduction to Spring Boot

    - Spring Boot CLI

    - Spring Boot and Groovy

    - Spring Actuator

    - Spring Boot Deployment

    - Testing Spring Boot Apps

    - Spring Boot and REST

    - Spring Boot and Microservices

    - 12 Factor Applications

    Brian Sletten

    Brian Sletten is a liberal arts-educated software engineer with a focus on forward-leaning technologies. His experience has spanned many industries including retail, banking, online games, defense, finance, hospitality and health care. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from the College of William and Mary and lives in Auburn, CA. He focuses on web architecture, resource-oriented computing, social networking, the Semantic Web, data science, 3D graphics, visualization, scalable systems, security consulting and other technologies of the late 20th and early 21st Centuries. He is also a rabid reader, devoted foodie and has excellent taste in music. If pressed, he might tell you about his International Pop Recording career.

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