Upgrading Your C# Skills in .NET 7

Are your C# skills up to date? It is easy to get focused on what you need to know to get the job done, but have you rounded out your skills with the latest C# features?

    In this workshop, we will be upgrading your skills on a whole catalog of systems and features in .NET and the surrounding ecosystem, including:

    • Dependency Injection
    • Appsettings.json
    • Secrets.json
    • Structured Logging
    • Azure Functions
    • Docker
    • SQL data access without Entity Framework
    • Minimal APIs
    • Swagger Configuration
    • API versioning, caching, and rate-limiting
    • And lots more

    When you walk out of this workshop, you will have a set of new skills, a knowledge of when to use them, and the ability to integrate them into your existing workflow without causing problems.

    Course Structure and Contents

    Workshop Schedule

    • .NET Projects Overview
    • Optimizing the Built-In Features
    • C# Web Project Types and When to Use Them
    • C# Desktop Project Types and When to Use Them
    • C# Mobile Project Types and When to Use Them
    • Using Docker with C#
    • Building Powerful APIs
    • Working with SQL in C#
    • Best Practices
    • Tips and Tricks for Building Powerful Applications

    This will be a practical workshop with hands-on learning. Each section will have multiple steps to practice in order to help you target what you want to focus on. This workshop will not require the use of the Internet or any cloud resources. An updated version of Visual Studio 2022 for Windows or Mac or VSCode with the .NET 7 SDKs installed will be sufficient. Having Docker desktop installed will be necessary to practice those lessons.

    Target Audience and Prerequisites

    This workshop is aimed at developers with some experience building applications. Regardless of your skill level, though, you will come away with quite a few upgrades to your existing skillset.

    System Requirements:

    • A development environment – Demonstrations will be done in Visual Studio 2022 with .NET 7 if you would like to follow along.
    • Optional: Docker Desktop
    Tim Corey

    Professional software developer for over 20 years.
    Microsoft MVP.
    Software Development Teacher who's goal is to make learning software development easier.
    YouTuber at https://youtube.com/IAmTimCorey

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